Digital Imaging in Hematology

Digital Imaging in Hematology
Improvements in electronic imaging, PCs, and the Internet have led to in the fast rise of advanced imaging in pathology. The Bloodhound framework is an instrument that is intended to print blood onto a slide with a controlled technique, naturally stain cells, play out a CBC with WBC differential, and find WBCs by advanced imaging, all in an analyser with an impression of 42 inches. Unimportant Hematology Analyzer Plus Blood Smear Digital Imaging/Analysis make accessible preferable Clinical Hematology results over a Compound Hematology Analyzer. Advanced Imaging works in day by day schedule for leukocytes in fringe blood and different liquids, is solid, exact and shows a high impact cell sensitity.

  • Lymphocyte Pathology
  • Blast cells
  • Red Blood Cell Morphology
  • Quality Survey Issues in Digital Imaging
  • Integration in daily practice
  • Digital Imaging of RBC’s

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